Why iVote Mobile?

Voters have Gone Mobile

According to Pew Research Center, 91% of American adults have a mobile phone, and 61% of these have a smart phone.  According to Gartner Group, there are currently more than 345 million mobile devices in the United States.

Take your campaign mobile today using iVote Mobile

Americans are shopping, banking, texting, talking & planning their lives with their mobile phones.  iVote Mobile connects you directly to your voters on their smart phones so you can engage with them every day.


iVote Supercharges Your Campaign!

iVote Mobile is the ultimate mobile app platform for your campaign. Relevance Media developed iVote Mobile, a smartphone and tablet-based platform that encourages open communication and engagement within the political community. The platform allows government, elected officials, political parties, campaigns, causes, and other organizations to connect with voters and engage with them to discover what they are thinking about on virtually any issue, at any time, and at any location via their mobile devices.

Organizations pose questions to voters on the iVote Mobile platform, which functions as a mobile town hall. Voters answer the questions, and engage in conversations around each question in an open forum. Supporters and detractors alike can voice their opinions in spirited debates, revealing the passions driving the issues.

iVote creates context around these conversations by collecting user data (demographic, psychographic, sociological, social media footprint, location, device, answers, comments, etc.), giving campaign managers deeper insights into voters. These insights can be used to enhance the campaign’s messaging, and provide targeting for engagements across multiple media channels.

With ever increasing media choices (noise), and the onslaught of regulatory policies and technologies designed to stop Spam and cold calls (e.g. Canned Spam, Do Not Call & NoMoRobo), the most effective strategy for connecting with and mobilizing constituents has become permission-based marketing. iVote Mobile supercharges this strategy by turning your campaign into a welcome friend, and not an interrupting stranger.

At the end of the day, all that matters is what people actually do: The success or failure of your campaign rests in the ballot box!