About Us

iVote Mobile is the most powerful mobile platform in politics!


What is iVote Mobile?

iVote Mobile is a powerful political marketing platform for fundraising, real-time polling, communications, voter registration, social media sharing, data & analytics, list building, signing-up volunteers, and recruiting for caucuses. Originally launched in 2008 as one of the first 500 apps in the iTunes App Store, iVote has evolved into an enterprise-level social media network for politics, business, and non-profits.

iVote Mobile is a product of Relevance Media, the leading provider of Fluid Data Analytics (Big Data). A revolutionary cloud-based data analytics platform, developed at Purdue University & perfected at 3M Corporation. We help companies manage social media and capitalize on the insights to be found within structured & unstructured data. Our vision is that organizations will make social media data integral to their planning and decision-making processes.

During the 2012 presidential election, the Romney campaign used Relevance Media’s Fluid Data Analytics (FDA) and targeting capabilities to improve open rates on outbound email campaigns to over 50% and generate 15X returns on donor solicitations. See Case Study

Relevance Media is currently partnered with the following companies to bring iVote Mobile into the political market.  Please contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.


  • Capitol Innovation (Michigan)
  • Magellan Strategies (Colorado)
  • Moocho Moola (Michigan)