How to Use iVote Mobile

Collect valuable data and insights, and win voters

You can build confidence around your messaging, and deliver the right messages to the right audiences every time.  Every engagement with voters is an opportunity to win.  The Golden Rule of Politics tells us to repeatedly communicate persuasive messages to voters, but how do we know what’s truly persuasive, and for whom?  With iVote, you can gather demographic and sociological data about your constituents, and learn via real-time polling and forum conversations what’s important to them.  Persuasion leads to victory!


Supercharge your ground game with iVote

On Election Day, all that matters is who received the most votes.  The ability to reliably predict turnout and drive voters to the polls is critical.  Poll your supporters on iVote to learn how many have participated in early voting, and learn who plans to go to the polls on Election Day.  Measure this against your goal for total votes needed to win, and encourage your supporters to reach out to their friends (via social media and more traditional methods) to turn out and vote.  This strategy can also be used to promote the other issues and candidates on the ticket you wish to support.  You can even poll supporters to find out whether they know where to vote, who might need help getting to the polls, and who’s willing to help them get there.  It’s all about creating a community of support!


iVote makes volunteers the engine of your campaign

Instantly identify and activate volunteers who are motivated by your platform.  With iVote, you can identify and target your most passionate supporters – those who defend your positions and your beliefs.  Using iVote you can directly engage your supporters, and recruit them into activities that drive your campaign forward.  Rally your supporters and turn them into volunteers!


iVote lets you communicate directly with voters & get out in front of the news cycle

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain.

News travels fast these days, and rumor and misinformation travels even faster.  With so many people getting their news over digital media like Facebook and Twitter, even a small gaffe can become a major scandal.  Perception is reality.  iVote allows campaigns to directly address their supporters at the first hint of distraction, getting out in front of the news cycle with the facts, and leveraging those supporters’ collective voice to keep the focus on your message.