Connect with Voters’ Passions & Increase Donations

Case Study

During the 2012 presidential election, the Romney campaign used Relevance Media’s Fluid Data Analytics (FDA) and targeting capabilities to drive online donor solicitations.  Starting with the national voter file, the RM Connection Platform appended massive amounts of behavioral and social data to the file to generate voter targeting lists.  The campaign analysts used the FDA engine to create segmentation profiles which parsed the targeting lists by issue, level of passion, and a number of additional variables to generate very precise audiences, each matched with specific messages for engagement.  Email campaigns were then launched to each target audience over the course of the election cycle to solicit donations with messaging based on the behavioral matches generated by the RM Connection Platform.  The results were truly astounding.

  • 50-58% of the email messages sent were opened by the targeted voters
  • The typical open rate for political email campaigns is 2.5%

This would have been a huge win on its own, but the primary measure of any donor solicitation campaign’s success is the ROI.  The targeted campaigns generated an aggregate ROI that was simply off the charts.

  • 15X ROI – for every dollar spent, the campaigns generated 15 dollars in donations
  • The typical ROI for political email donation campaigns is 1.5X
  • The FDA-driven targeted campaigns outperformed the old models by 10X

Access to the Relevance Media Connection Platform, FDA engine, and targeting capabilities are now available with every iVote Mobile account, and available for your campaign, state party, non-profit or PAC.